Multiple Varieties of Beautiful Stone
Available In Sacramento, CA


Our boom truck service is no longer available.

Multiple Varieties of Beautiful Stone

Roundtree Rock & Gardening in Sacramento, California, offers multiple varieties of beautiful rocks and stone including Moss Rock, Granite, El Dorado Blue and Sierra Gray. Our landscape boulders are perfect for retaining walls, ponds, landscaping accents, dry creek beds and waterfalls. Roundtree Rock & Gardening carries the largest inventory and variety of landscape stones in the Greater Sacramento Valley area. Our customers can visit our yard and enjoy personally hand selecting each landscaping stone for their landscape projects. Stones can be delivered using our dump service.

Moss Rock

Moss Rock Large

Lilac Small

Sierra Gray Large

Granite Medium

El Dorado Blue Large

Lilac Medium

Rustic El Dorado Blue Medium

El Dorado Blue

Sierra Gray

Rustic El Dorado Blue Large

Large and Medium Sized Stones

Whether you’re looking for something truly massive, or just some medium sized rocks to line a walkway or driveway, we’ve got a large selection of quality stones to choose from. Our stones are able to be picked up at our yard or delivered. If you need stone placement, please contact our office directly.

Contractor Referrals

Choosing inexperienced or unqualified contractors often leads to poor and costly results, we are happy to help you with your project by referring professional and experienced contractors we have been doing business with for years. If you are looking for a landscaper, waterfall specialist, concrete installer, pool builder or a mason please call our office for a referral. If there is an item that you need for your landscape project that we do not carry, please contact us at 916-362-3894 and we will do our best to help you locate it.